I offer open and honest counselling online or outdoors. If you need someone to listen and understand, to help you work out what to do, how you feel, to explore your world, then I can provide calm, responsive and non-judgemental support online or in an outdoors setting walking or just enjoying the beautiful countryside that Devon has to offer.



Do you need a confidential talk with someone online? I can offer an effective online session where you can feel free to say whatever you like, to connect in a way that no other medium can offer and at a time and place that is safe, comfortable and convenient for you.



I can offer you the same confidential counselling service in an idyllic outdoor setting where you will have the time and space to offload in a relaxing natural environment. I can also offer walking and talking therapy sessions of 1 or 2 hours where we can explore and talk and take in the beauty that Devon has to offer.